MC Snax is back with Rainbow Road

TFRR Final CoverMC Snax the Mount Pearl mac is back with his sixth sonic attack, and this time he’s hungry to help.

The fifteen track album, Tales from Rainbow Road dropped April 3, and is the most positive album Snax has released to date. “My favorite song (is in) Mario Kart 64, the theme from rainbow road…” said Bryan Hobbs, better known as MC Snax. “If I’m ever having a rough day I can just listen to that song and everything is okay again… I wanted this album to have that same effect on people.”

Striving towards a more positive-helpful tone, Snax has removed profanity from his work, stating that in his opinion cussing doesn’t add anything to his music. He’s taken inspiration from former Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, known for helping create Kirby, Earthbound and the Super Smash Bros series.

In a game developers conference in 2006, Iwata said that, “above all video games are meant to be just one thing: fun. Fun for everyone.” Hobbs, the 24 year old rapper has said he’s adopted this mantra and focused it towards his own music. Mike Simms, formerly of the Mount Pearl rap duo Antics and current front man of the rock and roll group IMG_6041Joe Grizzly and the Wild Life recently got a sneak preview of the album. “I definitely thought it had that classic MC Snax sound,” Simms said, “It doesn’t seem to have any low points… it’s funky and it has great beats.”

You can find it for free on Snax’s Bandcamp. Making this album free for everyone was the top priority Snax said. “With this album, where it means so much and it’s supposed to be just to help people feel better, it’s beyond money.”

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