Factory Launches New St. John’s Hip-Hop Night ALL CAPS

ALL CAPSFactory launches their hip-hop event ALL CAPS tonight, Friday, April 15th, with rappers; Moyst, G Smooth, Sir-Ill, Mak11, Lee Fitz, and DJ Spank on the 1’s and 2’s.

The promotion aims to be a monthly showcase for the growing St. John’s hip-hop community.

Aside from a small minority of rap artists and groups from the 90’s and 2000’s, the province’s hip-hop output has generally been lackluster. Appropriated ebonics and cliché lines about money, guns and drugs jeopardized all credibility of the genre and those who practiced it. Until recently.

The new crop of M.C’s in St. John’s are approaching the genre with more self-awareness, and a drive to develop a unique Newfoundland hip-hop sound. Moyst, G Smooth, Sir Ill, Mak11 and mainstays like Lee Fitz are all playing a part in this new wave of a hip-hop community.

With any luck ALL CAPS will be a regular stay on Factory’s monthly planner because St. John’s hip-hop is in need of a new home. There is talent, but who can bring it to attention?

Check out the event on Facebook – here.

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