Track Exclusive: “SUNROOF” by Dope Piece

For yr immediate attention: The ambassador of Fogtown @lanti$ hip hop is on the cusp of dropping his highly anticipated sophomore release. The emcee is Dope Piece, the album is DOPEACE, and the boomingly fat production comes courtesy of DJ Mike’L.
Following up the duo’s collaborative debut mixtape PIECESIGNS in 2014, DOPEACE offers a more calculated platter of cuts with 18 lean tracks that remain as stylistically eclectic as previous efforts, all while introducing a brush stroke of cinematic cohesion from beginning to end. The drifting concept feels like a “day in the life of Dope Piece”, and the skits, joints and beats roll out in a succession of bloodshot and road-ready driving tunes.

dp22In addition to guest appearances by the usual suspects of fellow St. John’s hip hop heads MAK11, Irwin, Yung Wise and BluntheadFred, DOPEACE also features some silky smooth vocal hooks from Erchnut and DJ Mike’L on multiple tracks.

Check out our exclusive stream of the DOPEACE banger “SUNROOF” to prepare your palette for what the full album has to offer.  If you like what you hear, we strongly encourage you to jump over to and pre-order your CD or cassette copy of DOPEACE. No need to be patient either, because within an hour of your order you’ll receive the advance digital download of the entire album directly to your inbox.

SUNROOF” by Dope Piece (Produced by DJ Mike’L, Featuring Erchnut)
Dope Piece on Soundcloud
Dope Piece on YouTube

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