Watch: Jonny & The Cowabungas Sketch Over “Chipz and Pepsi”

bungaz2Jonny & the Cowabungas are one of the few Atlantic acts that we at Secret East have followed from the ground up. When we launched in August of 2014, The Bungas had just started to roll out their flavourful surfstrumental psych jams across St. John’s stages. We captured a live grab of their set from Shed Island 2014, and weeks later made a house call with the fivesome for one of our first Night In live sessions.

Seventeen months later, The Cowabungas have developed quite the cult following amongst St. John’s show-dwellers. Their cassette release Walt & Derek’s Wild Ride was one of the local gems to hit our tape decks in 2015, and their live show continuously draws hordes of dance-crazed funseekers looking for a crowd to surf.

Following a premiere last Friday at Eastern Edge, Jonny & The Ceez have gifted us with a frame by frame animation accompaniment for the track “Chipz and Pepsi”. The music video was drawn by Jonny C himself, and it feels like The Cowabunga Kids skipped class, got bleary-eyed stoned, and hand sketched a meticulously colourful flipbook.

Get in the groove, check it out for yourself here:

Jonny & The Cowabungas on Bandcamp
Jon Bunga & Co on Facebook

One thought on “Watch: Jonny & The Cowabungas Sketch Over “Chipz and Pepsi””

  1. Andrew Waterman says:

    This… this is deadly.

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