An Update From the Secret Supply Web Shop

Hey Folks!

Thanks for the all the love we’ve been receiving on the web shop thus far. The amazing amount of interest in our physical outlet has put our asses in motion for a slew of upcoming products that we cannot wait to drop.


Some contents of Issue No. 1

We wanted to send a  special thanks to everyone who picked up Issue No. 1 of our Secret Subscription series. It was a huge success for a process that was largely trial and error, and the response has invigorated our creative juices for the bundling of Issue No. 2.

Issue No. 2 of the Secret Subscription series is now available for limited pre-order. Don’t miss out.

Those who ordered Issue No. 1 of the Secret Subscription series have already received their copy of our Lost Notes From Shed Island zine, but we do have a VERY short supply for anyone who missed the boat. Lost Notes From Shed Island is 16 glossy black and white pages of retrospective banter, field notes and photography from the 2015 Shed Island Festival in St. John’s. Lost Notes touches on musical acts such as Country, CROSSS, Best Fiends, Crossed Wires, Kurt Inder, Jonny & The Cowabungas, Unreal Thought, MAANS and more.

Only 15 copies of the Lost Notes zine are available in $10.00 bundles with a SE/SI tote bag and sticker pack. These are guaranteed to be gone quick

In addition to these great great new features, we also have some remaining stock of our Smallywood, SE/SI, and Logo T-shirts.
Keep on the lookout for some brand new items over the next few weeks, and follow us on social media for some sneak peaks of the Secret Subscription Issue No. 2.

And as always, St. John’s folks: if you want to save on shipping and arrange a local pickup, use the code TOWNIE at the checkout.

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