Watch: Dope Piece’s “How Ya Livin” Live at the Secret East Double Feature

dopepiecehowyalivinIt has been several months of trudging through a hard drive’s worth of A/V captured at the six-act Double Feature variety show we threw back in the spring, but we’re finally ready to start rolling out some of the fine moments we grabbed from the evening.

First up, we have a track by Dope Piece.

Dope Piece added a bit of well enjoyed hip hop flavour to the otherwise guitar-driven line-up. Before the set culminated with a room full of people nearly pogoing a hole in the floor, Dope Piece was joined by Blunthead Fred, Mike’L and the TE$LAZ crew for a bopping rendition of “How Ya Livin'” from the Piecesigns mixtape.

Check out our capture here, and stay tuned to Secret East TV for more Double Feature footage featuring Jonny & The Cowabungas, Mind Violence, Animal Crimes and more!

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