We’re Now Accepting Your Letters to the East

letterstotheeastWant to share your thoughts, ideas, delights, disgusts, curiosities, grievances, confessions, experiences or fantasies with the rest of Atlantic Canada?

Well, here’s your chance.

Letters to the East is our new onsite platform to let you speak your mind, start a conversation, tip your hat, or air your laundry. The form is embedded below. We’ll be rustling through the digital mailbag a couple of times a week and publishing our selections to the rest of the region. Your letters can be as anonymous as you want them to be. Only your name/alias and letter will be published, and we guarantee to never post or share any other information.

What we’re looking for: informative, insightful, provocative, thoughtful, observant, hilarious, outlandish and bizarre.

What we will NOT publish under any circumstance: hate speech or slander.

Send us your Letters to the East:

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