Two Poems by Walter Mackey

Walter Mackey is a 20-something year old writer from a small town in rural Newfoundland of approximately 30 people. He has to tell people from town he’s from Splash ‘n’ Putt because they don’t know where Culls Harbour is located. He has two books of published poetry: i want to die – Plain Wrap Press (2012, San Francisco, California) and literalley 10 reasons why im a lil bitch : – ) – Sky High eBooks (2014, Chicago, Illinois). He also has six eBooks which were self-published online.

In 2012, he founded the literary website which published works internationally once a month. The website was on hiatus but will begin accepting submissions again on July 1st. He also has works published in various zines and literary journals and sites such as Metazen, Thought Catalog, Reality Hands, Have U Seen My Whale? and Shabby Doll House.

i’m sharing the song i’m listening to with all of my msn contacts in my personal message status because i’m looking for attention but i also want you to know i listen to the same music as you but you won’t message me because i’m gay and you’re ‘str8’ and well it won’t work out until you kiss me during a ‘musique non-stop dance’ at distortion and now it sounds like i’m actually looking for attention and not ironically looking for attention but i’m actually not i swear

the msn messenger wink and nudge turned into the facebook poke and now nobody does either of those things anymore because we’re all too focused on finding the perfect subject in the perfect setting for the perfect photo for the perfect filter for the perfect instagram post to get likes and comments and new followers and follower requests and regrams and hashtags and i know that we will never forget that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and that cell is something our bodies are made up of and we are living on a rock hurtling through space surrounded by other rocks and aliens and maybe death doesn’t mean dying it just means stopping


i turned 25 about a month ago
but i still feel sixteen
i still feel like logging into bluekaffee is the most important part of my day
itunes is confusing because it keeps fucking changing
i just want winamp back
i want to type and spin the wheel of excitement
remember when your wrists were covered in bracelets from the claire’s discount bin from the gander mall and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind was ‘oh my god literally the best movie you’ve ever seen and you have to rent it’ remember when i told you about how i kissed joey in the back of renee’s car in the a&w parking lot and you stopped me mid-sentence just to ask if ‘hands down’ by dashboard confessional was playing softly over the car speakers
i lied and told you it was but it wasn’t
it was playing from my ipod nano but that sounded ‘too gay’
we shared saliva and cheap earbuds and a memory that only visits me once a year now
on my birthday
when i wake up

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  1. a good friend says:

    you can still log in to blue kaffee dot com

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