A Preview of Shed Island Day 2 – Friday, August 15th 2014


For those of you who attended the kick-off to Shed Island last night… we very much understand your exhaustion.

Your ringing ears, sore bodies and heavy eyelids probably made your Friday workday less bearable.

But do you regret it? Of course not.

Though Thursday at Bar None was already a weekend’s worth of partying, dancing and musical intake – our bodies are capable of second and third winds for a reason.

The reason this weekend is Shed Island.

So to those soldiering into round two, and those coming fresh off the bench – tonight (August 15, 2014) cannot and will not be a disappointment.

Here’s a little preview into the stacked bill that stands in the hours ahead:

August 15, 2014 At The Republic



Kicking off the night is Little Things – St. John’s home team of all sounds that twinkle and glisten, and they come wielding a brand of emo-pop that’s become a mainstay favorite in the St. John’s scene

With guitars that dance circles around each other, and dual vocal delivery that can range from sweet and harmonious, to urgent and anxious, Little Things have been swooning the hearts of audiences near and far over these passed few years.

If they haven’t won your heart yet, give ’em a shot tonight.


cowabungasThese surf punk instrumentalists may be the newbies of this weekend’s events with yet-to-be-released recordings and a mere handful of shows under their belt, but that doesn’t mean they won’t surf the sea of onlookers with their emphatic sway and strapping groove.

Hovering the rumble of their rhythm and the pitter-patter of bongos sits a crazed reverb-soaked guitar, and a synthesizer that screams somewhere between outer space and the Munster’s mansion on the hill.

If you give these fresh faces a shot, they’re sure to blow you away.



With a familiar lineup of St. John’s indie rock regulars, Delusion Victims boast a repertoire of hard pop numbers with a garage rock drive. None of the Victims are strangers to the stage and it shines through with their confident and captivating live performance.

The greatest asset to the carefully constructed songwriting is Delusion Victims ability to control the stage. Whether it’s the seamlessly tight rhythm section, the jangling keyboards, or the impressive combination of the guitar work and prominent vocal ability of lead man Pete Mills, the Delusion Victims show demands and receives attention.



Hailing from Sackville, New Brunswick The Mouthbreathers return for their second visit to St. John’s, a follow up to their first at the Lawnya Vawnya Festival 2013.

The Mouthbreathers gained an enormous amount of buzz with the St. John’s crowd as they instantly won over audiences with their hook-heavy songs that inevitably crack a grin on even the most stone-faced grouch who may be ‘just there for the beer’.

With a live show that screams personality, there’s not a contrived bone in The Mouthbreathers collective body. Their songs are unforgettable, with loveable lyrics chalk full of quirk and wit, and their live show plays out so energetically loose that audiences are instantly invited to try and have as much fun as the band.

Those who have seen the Mouthbreathers before know exactly what I’m talking about.

Those who haven’t – tonight’s the night. If you miss them this time around you’ll continue to kick yourself for another year.



Local songwriter and performer Derm Kean will finish off the night backed by An Incredible Woman – the four piece instrumentation that lays the ground for Derm to flail on.

Derm Kean & Incredible Woman carries a dark pop menace with post-punk tinges. The bass, drums and synthesizer often pulsate a contagious and dance-heavy beat, while the spastic moans and noise of the guitar screams and drones throughout. On top of the madness, we have Derm, who’s often shirtless and wrapped in a mic cable, throwing his voice between loud bellows, and a haunting croon.

With unpredictable behavior, and an energy that never wanes or wavers, Derm Kean & An Incredible Woman will carry the crowd into the wee hours of the morning to bring Shed Island Day 2 to a fulfilling close.

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