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Neck & Neck: Part 4 – Harper’s Revival and the Dismantling of the Left

At the end of this first month, Harper looked not only incompetent and untrustworthy, but even distasteful as a choice for Prime Minister; a poor manager for Canada, not only in terms of his track record but also due to the tarnishing effect he’s had on Canada’s international brand too.

With Crosby’s appointment, the beginning of September there represent an expected shift into the second phase of the election, in which the big questions of domestic worthiness gave way to issues of national identity.

Neck & Neck: Part 1 – Trading Shots

“Erase from your minds, fellow Canadians, the past four weeks. They haven’t mattered at all.” That’s what the pundits say, at least. To them, I suppose, the month of August has merely been some sort of sadistic theatrical preamble, where dueling leftists, corrupt senators, dead refugees, and urinating handymen all vie for our attention like pathetic sideshows at some orgiastic circus.