Premiere: Watch AAIESIEUX Make Noise in the Basement of Fred’s Records

Alex Rumboldt has been recording and releasing noise and experimental sounds in St. John’s for 10 years. As AAIESIEUX, Rumboldt has produced 14 albums and 3 split releases with compositions combining drone, power electronics, harsh noise, and manipulated found sounds. The upcoming 15th project by AAIESIEUX is due for future release on the North Dakota-based label Black Ring Rituals Records.

“I find impulsivity to be an honest expression” Rumboldt told Psychedelic Baby Magazine in 2018. “Taking an idea that I have and acting upon it immediately with no further thought.”

“I got out of the shower a few weeks ago and noticed that my wire towel rack reverberated for a long time when I took a towel off. The hum was nice, so I immediately took everything off it and dragged it downstairs next to my tape recorder, stuck some contact mics to it and fucked around. That recording was the first and only time I used that rack, so it was about discovering for the first time what it can sound like when manipulated in certain ways.”

The Haliburton Video Sessions is a new ongoing series capturing live performances in St. John’s. Following cuts from Swimming and Gossamer, the sixth instalment of the Haliburton course is an improvisational noise jam by AAIESIEUX from the basement of Fred’s Records. 

We asked Rumboldt about his setup used for the six and a half minutes of “05022019“.

“A single input, starting with a noise box built from scrap hardware (bolts, washers, chains, spring doorstops) switching to an amplified jar of water halfway through” Rumboldt explained. “Cram that through a DOD Buzzbox clone handmade by local pedal wizard at Neon Effects, a modded crybaby wah pedal mounted inside of a doll head, a cheap harmonizer, MASF Possessed glitch pedal, a looper, and a homebrew stereo mixer/fader (again, courtesy of Neon Effects)… Plug all that garbage into a small behringer mixer, and there ya go: irritated neighbors.”

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Haliburton Sessions on YouTube:

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