Listen: “Step Back (Keep Your Distance)” by Jorun-P.M.C.

Phill Most Chill circa 1980s

Legendary Halifax DJ and producer Jorun Bombay has joined forces once again with Philadelphia-based DJ and rapper Phill Most Chill for a new 7″ single on UK imprint, AE Productions.

Under the hood of Jorun-P.M.C., the duo have previously collaborated in 2013 with the Magic Disco Machine EP, and most recently in 2018 with their Check Out This 12″. With both of their careers steeped in rich hip hop history, “Step Back (Keep Your Distance” is a satisfying 2019 continuation of their golden age chops with a house rocking beat and flow that makes you wanna clean off your Cazals and break out your best bowler.

DJ Jorun Bombay is considered an under-celebrated icon of Canadian hip hop. Bombay helped pioneer the early days of Halifax rap in the 1980s and 90s as the DJ and producer of Mod’rn World Thang / Down By Law, and kept the community alive as the head of the Haltown Projex collective between 1992-1998. Bombay has worked closely with fellow Nova Scotian hip hop statesmen such as Buck 65, Classified, and Hip Club Groove, as well as mentoring the likes of Ghettosocks.

Mod’rn World Thang Circa 1991

In recent years, DJ Jorun Bombay has received high praise and acclaim in the world of hardcore hip hop heads for his Instrumentals You Never Got series, a collection of reworked and rebuilt instrumental versions of many fundamental hip hop classics. These instrumentals have been utilized by the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, as well as Questlove, who took to Twitter in 2014 to nominate Bombay as “official hip hop instrumental president.”

Continuing to steal the hearts of hip hop history buffs around the world, DJ Jorun also took on the painstaking task of restoring tapes of live New York City hip hop parties in the 1970s and 80s with his Rock the Discotek series.

Similar to the low-key genius of Jorun, his American counterpart in the Jorun-P.M.C. team — Phill Most Chill — is an understated legend in his own right. The Philadelphia-based rapper has been rhyming and deejaying since 1984, and made his debut to wax with the highly sought after cult classic cut “On Tempo Jack” in 1988. Throughout the 90s, P.M.C. contributed a comic strip called True Urban Funnies in Rap Sheet Magazine, and eventually penned Soulman’s World Of Beats, a column for the publication that focused around samples and beat lists.

Under the moniker Soulman, P.M.C. became known for his extensive knowledge in the world of crate diggers and break collectors. Besides shelling records from his expansive personal collection, Soulman also released hundreds of beat tapes and mixes under banners such as Archaeologists Classics.

As two professors in the genre, it is without question that Phill Most Chill and Jorun Bombay are a match made in hip hop heaven.

Since P.M.C.’s return to rapping after a decade focused on beats and mixes, he has contributed joints on labels ranging from Diggers with Gratitude, to AE Productions, the UK-based label behind the latest Jorun-P.M.C. single.

You can bang the two tracks — as well as the instrumental versions — of the new Jorun-P.M.C. single right here:


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