There is an Instagram Account Dedicated to Things Shaped Like Newfoundland


While the phenomenon of religious imagery appearing in organic media might be the most prevalent form of modern day simulacrum, for Newfoundlanders, there is another distinct image that haunts many elements of our day-to-day lives. While the face of Jesus has found it’s way onto pancakes, and the Virgin Mary to grilled cheese sandwiches, the cartographic shape of the island of Newfoundland has taken many forms to both the homestead idlers and homesick expats alike.

Sometimes you visit the island, and sometime the island visits you.

After a long history of anecdotes and fabled experiences, there is finally a repository for moments of miraculous Newfoundland iconography made without hands. Enter @TheShapeofNewfoundland on Instagram.

From icebergs, chicken strips and hummus, to garbage juice, cat litter and chops of cocaine, @TheShapeofNewfoundland collects those instances when the island of Newfoundland has photobombed our every day lives.


Fried Chicken

Cat Litter







Garbage Juice

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