A First Look: Watch the Official Trailer for New Woman

New Woman official poster designed by Mike Feehan, http://www.mikefeehan.com

With post-production wrapped, filmmaker Benjamin Noah and his imprint Ark Film are ready to deliver the official trailer for their anticipated Newfoundland gothic short. The meticulous process of creating New Woman was evidently worth the wait, as the trailer offers up one minute of striking visuals from Noah’s carefully crafted cinematic world of 19th century Newfoundland.

Watch the official trailer here:

“I did a great deal of research: speaking to historians, sitting in libraries, making sure every little thing I was putting in there was as accurate as humanly possible,” Noah explained to us during an interview in May of last year. “It’s a fascinating point in history and there’s an art to the time period itself.”

During our last conversation with Noah in May of 2018, New Woman was about to enter the post-production phase. In the eight months since, all the final pieces were worked into place, and the film has officially been completed.

With New Woman finally ready for an audience to experience the fruits of Noah and Ark Film’s labour, the production house isn’t about to rest; Noah has told us they’re already moving forward with pre-production on new projects.

For more insight and information on the project, check out our conversational look at the influence and determination behind Benjamin Noah’s filmmaking process of New Woman.

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