First Frost: Picking Your Wildest Mushroom Experiences

Alright folks, put your liberty caps on. The shroomsday clock is ticking.

It is almost that time of year. Yes indeed, that time of year when teenagers, drug dabblers, and Grateful Dead fans alike will unite in the trespassing of properties where cows shit. They’re all in hunt of one thing: psilocybe semilanceata, or liberty caps, a kind of psilocybin or “magic” mushroom. 

These slender stems with bell-shaped caps and dark nipples are a saprobic species most commonly found in damp grasslands, sometimes in the vicinity of animal dung. Liberty caps — while typically small in stature — are one of the most potent species of psychedelic fungus. In Atlantic Canada, liberty caps come into season following the first frost, and can last until the first cumulative snow falls of winter. They come in abundance in various pastures in Newfoundland and rural Nova Scotia.

Growing up in areas like Newfoundland, shrooms would come into your life about once a year. It was in the fall season, through the cloudy dreariness of being back to school. Suddenly, the guy who sat behind you in homeroom with the Black Sabbath hoodie that smelt like an ashtray would be absent on mornings when there was frost on car windshields. If you weren’t indulging yourself, you were sure to see some dilated pupils floating around the next field party.

During the occasion of 4/20 this year, we collected some of our pals best and worst weed experiences (the good, the bad, the paranoid), and it was pretty damn hilarious.

Now we’re doing the same, but this time we’re mushin’ out.

We want your best, worst, first and last experiences with magic mushrooms. Your wildest experiences, anything goes. Keep em’ concise, we can’t sift through novellas.

We’ll be publishing our favourite stories in an anecdotal series for User Friendly in the coming weeks.

Of course, all submissions will be published under a given alias, or anonymously. Don’t worry, you don’t need to call us “Officer”.

Share your experiences in the form below, or contact us directly via social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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