Comedian and Podcaster Kurt Braunohler Hits the Marquee Comedy Stage for HPX25

The Los Angeles comedian, podcaster, actor, jet-skier and skywriter, Kurt Braunohler, is set to headline the Marquee Comedy Stage this evening at 7PM as a part of Halifax Pop Explosion 25.

Braunohler, an accomplished comedian who released his latest special Trust Me earlier this year on Comedy Central, also plays host to The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler podcast on the Nerdist network, and co-hosts an Audible series entitled Wedlock with his wife and fellow comedian Lauren Cook.

In addition to his hosting duties and standup performances, Braunohler is also known for his collaborations with Kristen Schaal, including the comedy series Penelope: Princess of Pets, and for his outlandish stunts that include raising $4,000 to write a joke in the sky, jet skiing from Chicago to New Orleans for charity, and touring a one-ton tattooed ass cheek sculpture on the back of a flatbed truck.

All stunts aside, Braunohler is brilliantly funny in his most s

Catch Braunohler tonight, along with Emma Willmann and Mary Green, at the Marquee Comedy Stage:

7:30pm Kurt Braunohler
7:15pm Emma Willmann
7:00pm Mary Green


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