Secret Selector: Thee All Hallows’ Jukebox Playlist

It’s the season of guising, carving, costumes, candy, and of course: using humour and ridicule to confront the power of death. To coincide with the malicious spirit of the season of the dead, the Secret Selector is stepping outside of our Atlantic Canadian norm and into the blogatory abyss of Thee All Hallows Jukebox. Indulge in our 80 track youtube playlist of perfect stab-you-in-the-background music to accompany your costume making, candy eating, pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, ouija boarding, punch spiking, bedroom roleplaying, and all other seasonally appropriate activities.

We know you’re going to be bombarded with the likes of “Thriller”, and the Ghostbuster’s Theme Song, so we wanted to prep a party-friendly playlist alternative with all the best tricks and treats of psych, surf, punk, garage, novelty songs, and even some DJ Jazzy Jeff to start your fright night right.

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