Introducing the Web Store, and the new Secret Subscription Series

subscriptionsHey Folks,

We’re thrilled to announce that the secret supply is finally LIVE. Check out our new Secret East Web Store where you can grab remaining stock on all the tangible goods we’ve dropped over the last couple of months. In celebration, you can use the promo code FINDINO at the checkout for $5 off your SE purchases (valid until November 1st). You can also arrange pickup in the St. John’s, NL area to save on shipping charges by using the permanent promo code TOWNIE.

In addition to the various t-shirts and tote bags, we’re also offering an introduction to our print and zine venture with the pre-order of our Secret Subscription series.

The Secret Subscription is your dossier loot pack to Atlantic Canada’s best kept secrets.

Every individual issue release will contain a new assortment of exclusive Secret East goods, and will include such things as zines, one-pagers, prints, stickers, pins, patches, cards, codes and other oddities. Each pack is stamped, sealed and delivered in an inconspicuous document envelope for your eyes only. Issue No. 01 mails out for December 2015, and you can stay tuned to social media for clues as to what it may contain.

Hit up our web store to show your support, and stay tuned for lots of goodies coming your way.

All love,
– Secret East

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