Watch: MC Snax Snacks Often In His Latest Music Video

St. John’s based rapper MC Snax (Bryan Hobbs) is back on the rock after a stint in Boston, and is ready to make a splash with his upcoming album When Robots Talk and Ninjas Rap.

Snax is no stranger to readers of Secret East, and his latest music video, directed by Mike Simms, is an excellent example of the jovial nature of Snax’s character.

Mike Simms is one of my closest homies and also a video director extraordinaire. When he does a music video, he is great at adapting to the style of the artist. I like to do things D.I.Y. and Mike respected that. He brings ideas to the table that can be done on a D.I.Y. budget, but bring the video to the next level.

Readers who have been following Secret East will recognize Shaun McCabe from the latest Werewoman video (also directed by Mike Simms).

We were also lucky to have our homie Shaun McCabe from Nicer and Werewoman along for the ride. That dude is the most natural person I’ve ever seen in front of a camera. We probably got a good 45 minutes of gag reel gold from that son of a gun.

MC Snax will be releasing his latest album When Robots Talk and Ninjas Rap March 24th. If you’re hungry for more Snax, you can find his music here.

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