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Suriken Pizza

For the past eight years Bryan Hobbs, better known as MC SNAX, has been playing shows and doing his utmost to make a name for himself as a hip-hop artist. Hobbs went from being a fourteen year old kid performing on a stage made of pallets at a back yard bash, to opening for acts like Classified and Tech N9ne.

Ever since the beginning he’s made sure never to take himself too seriously, while taking the exact opposite approach in terms of the music he creates.

“I think a lot of people in the beginning thought I did it as a joke, especially if you come from a place like Mount Pearl, people don’t really take your music that seriously at first. But then it kinda consumes you and it becomes your main passion, within a year… it’s all you think about and all you try and do.” Snax said.

MC SNAX officially released his first feature length album in May of 2012, which was self-titled. He then released two more EP’s the following year — Confessions of a Chicken Nugget Addict, April 2013, and Shuriken Pizza, November 2013.

“Newfoundland rules, it really does and I love everybody there and it will be my home forever. But I think there are a lot of musicians who do music there, and they just want to explore elsewhere and see what music scenes are like in other places,” says Hobbs. “Especially if you’re planning on making a living through music. As supportive as people in Newfoundland are, the population just isn’t realistic for a lot of musicians to be making a decent living, especially for a rapper who raps about chicken nuggets and dungeons and dragons.”

MC Snax

“If you like pizza, ninjas and just all around good times then he’s the rapper for you, let me tell ya,” says Julian Pearcey, a long-time friend of MC Snax.

“Bryan is a pretty Lighthearted fella, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s pretty funny and good with the crowd I find,” said Tyler Stanley, a fellow Newfoundland musician. “People seem to have a laugh watching Bryan play, but at the same time it’s not like laughing at him kind of thing. They’re having a good time while he’s on stage.”

While Snax has enjoyed success with his former albums, he says fans will likely have to wait until 2015 for the newest album to drop.

“I really want to do this one right, for the few people who follow my music they may know I kinda do everything DIY (do it yourself) style… But I want this to be as professional as possible on a DIY philosophy and budget.”

While he’s not releasing an album any time soon, he’s still playing shows on a regular basis in the United States, and usually makes an effort to play for the hometown fans whenever he can.

“I’m sure he’ll be back, he tries to come back at least twice a year. I think he’ll be back in the summer, if not around Christmas time. And I can’t imagine he’s going to want to stay off the stage of Distortion or The Levee or wherever for very long, because he thrives on it, “said Pearcey in regards to MC Snax’s live performances. “Be ready to laugh and have a great time cuz he’s more hilarious on stage then I’ve ever seen him. Basically if you like hip hop there’s nothing not to like, it’s just fun, funny, great spittin’, and just awesome.

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