A Preview of Shed Island’s Opening Night – Thursday, August 14th 2014


At 10:00PM on Thursday, August 14th, 2014, Bar None [164 Water Street, St. John’s, NL] plays host to the opening night of the Shed Island festival, and the first of three jam-packed days of music. For those without a festival pass, a measly ten dollars for the night guarantees a musical bang for your buck.

Here’s a look into what Thursday night has in store.



Mount Pearl’s pop-punk heavy-hitters Pockethands are a mainstay in the St. John’s punk scene. Their riffs and velocious drum-beats matched with spirited and relatable hooks makes for an intense live performance where fans customarily shout the lyrics back at the band.



MAANS began as the songwriting project of singer/guitarist Micah Brown but the St. John’s outfit soon filled out. They became a dynamic four piece that boasts a groovy, infectious blend of power-pop and garage-rock with conviction. But, there’s no need to overcomplicate things, MAANS radiate fun — it’s that simple.

Family Video


With thoughtful and engaging songwriting, Family Video brandish a unique style of basement-pop; with their heart proudly emblazoned on their sleeve they’ve turned ripples into waves. From St. John’s, where their cassettes have become instant favourites, all the way to the UK, where Gold Flake Tapes housed their latest release Maybe This Summer, the honest approach of Family Video is captivating on levels that cannot be articulated by any description other than their sound.

George Nervous Four


Last minute addition to Thursday night’s bill, George Nervous Four end their hiatus to celebrate the kickoff of Shed Island. George Nervous are an unconventional rock and roll group who’s tunes are bound to have you shucking and shuffling.

Old and Weird


Finally, headlining the Thursday showcase is Halifax based pop-trio Old and Weird. Old and Weird make a big sound over stripped down pop melodies. Their anchoring rhythm section holds strong with a haunting aura of guitars and voices that jangle and float over head. Be sure to see them own the stage in their first visit to St. John’s.


Check out Shed Island’s website with complete artist listings and shedule http://shedisland.com
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and check out Secret East’s interview with Shed Island founders Glen May & Micah Brown


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