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The Legend of the St. John’s Meter Bandits

The question is, what urban legends might we create next to distract us from our own accountability in a city which loves to talk about issues of parking, but remains silent on those larger issues of poverty in our own community?

The Dance and Its Disappearance

On Friday of last week as you no doubt have heard, there was a bus crash that killed fifteen people. Many of them were teenagers. Hockey players on their way out of town for a road trip. The entire nation has felt this loss because so many of us have been on the same bus making the same trip to the same out of town game.

Film and Death On Ice: The Viking (1931)

The Viking (1931) is a story which stretches from Hollywood to the coast of Labrador; however, it has largely been forgotten despite accomplishing a notable first in the Hollywood film industry, and holding a disastrous record which stands to this day.

The Faces & Heels of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling 1977-1987

Most Viewed of 2017: Take an airplane spin into the regional glory days of the Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling territory. Take in hours of found footage, some historic visits by legendary performers, and a profile on some of the faces and heels that were stronger than waffle house coffee.