SE on IG: Dead Reckoning on the Dini Petty Show (1992)

Long Harbour’s Dead Reckoning made their daytime television debut on the Dini Petty Show in 1992. Formed by three cousins in 1987, Dead Reckoning quickly became Newfoundland’s go-to rock trio in the early 1990s. After their self-titled debut cassette in 1989, the Reckoning released the album Hollow Reasons and opened for the likes of The Tragically Hip and Blue Rodeo in 1991.

On the heels of local success, Dead Reckoning moved to Toronto where they performed before a studio audience on Dini Petty’s popular Canadian talk show. The song “Planet Hell” from this TV segment doesn’t appear on the tracklist for their last album Time’s Time in 1993 and is seemingly unreleased. It is possible that this video may be the only available recording of the tune.

Swipe through to the last three videos for bassist and vocalist Tim Norman’s brief interview with Dini Petty.

Extra points for drummer Perry Murphy’s fine mullet and drum gloves. 🥁


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