Full Album Stream: Kyle Gryphon – Isolation (2020)

All 9 songs of Kyle Gryphon’s debut folk album entitled Isolation are now available to stream. You can also order a CD copy and digital download here.

We previously shared the modern Newfoundland tragedy of “Cold Iron Stare”, which appears as track five on Isolation. You can check out our dive into the story behind the song, as well as some additional notes on the album, by clicking here.

Full Album Stream:

Kyle Gryphon is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and construction worker who resides on the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula. Though playing accordion since the age of four—as well as performing in a diverse array of bands for many years—Isolation marks Gryphon’s first solo album.

While the name of the album is impeccably relevant to our current global situation, the name has been intact long before the COVID-19 pandemic confined everybody to their homes. Isolation was recorded in the latter part of 2019, and the CD was officially released in April (you can order your copy here).

“In isolation you’re free from thoughts or actions that are not your own, good or bad,” explains Gryphon. “As a single individual can become isolated, so can a large group in sort of a mass isolation creating like a hive mind or mob mentality.”

Get the full digital album via Kyle Gryphon on bandcamp.
Get a CD + digital download here. 

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