Video Premiere: The Making of Joe Grizzly’s ‘Saturday Night Prime Time’

On the May 24th weekend of 2018, members of the diverse rock n’ roll outfit Joe Grizzly broke their brief hiatus and made trek from St. John’s to central Newfoundland with hopes of laying down a new record at vocalist / guitarist Mike Simms’s family cabin in Green Bay.

“I’ve always wanted to record something at my parent’s cabin in Green Bay,” said Simms. “It’s one of my favourite places on the whole planet, and I knew it would be something special if we pulled it off.” 

The goal of the long weekend was to “create a fun and dynamic record that was suitable to throw on at a party”, and the excursion successfully produced 12 off the floor tracks. With some vocals and overdubs laid in the months that followed, these twelve cuts comprise the base of the upcoming Joe Grizzly album, Saturday Night Prime Time.

In addition to the engineering of Ashton Whitt, as well as the mixing and mastering of Stephen Lilly, the sessions were captured by videographer Curtis Hicks, and his documentation of the long weekend is now available in a 22 minute short film available right here:

With footage featuring the jamming, writing, arranging, drinking, mussel picking, canoe paddling, and various antics that went into the album’s creation, Hicks also caught up with the band members once again for their personal reflections on the experience, as well as their take on the finished product of their upcoming release.

In regards to the varied material conjured up during the Saturday Night Prime Time sessions, the eclectic nature of Joe Grizzly’s output has been a significant part of the band’s operations since day one.

“Even from the beginning, the songs that Simms was bringing to us were songs that didn’t really find root in one particular genre,” said bassist Griffin Simpson. “I think that because he is all over the place with what he likes, it made sense to get a pile of people from all over the place, and put them together with the common understanding that we were going to write songs that were not to be backed into one corner.”

Joe Grizzly’s Saturday Night Prime Time album release party is on November 1st at The Rockhouse. They will be accompanied by Cicerone, Thank, and Steffi The Artist.

Check out the event here.

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