Pick of The Patch: The Best of The Newfoundland Turnip (February 2018)

“Newfie jokes”: though some are intended to be made at the island’s expense, it is no secret that only Newfoundlanders brew the best ones.

If ya don’t laugh, ya cry. Eh b’y. 

A knack for humour is engrained in the very fibres of Newfoundlander’s wool socks, and creating memes is a new skilled trade that keeps the islanders busier than a bayman with two woodstoves.

There are a whole lot pages out there hosting salty NL memes, but The Newfoundland Turnip, with an audience exceeding 100K on social media, might boil up the tastiest material at a prolific pace. For that reason, we’re happy to serve you a deadly feed of the memes of the month for February 2018 courtesy of The Newfoundland Turnip:

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