Bulletin Blog: Wax Hit St. John’s for a Punk Alternative to Paddy’s Day Weekend

Looking for an alternative to the jigs and reels of St. Paddy’s Day weekend in St. John’s?

Well, you’re in luck.

Clenching a heaping fistful of potent punk rock sludge, Wax from Halifax will be the heavy-hitting residents for two great shows on Friday and Saturday night.

If you’re looking for the kind of hardcore show that’ll make you wanna trade that plastic leprechaun hat and green beer for a Black Flag shirt and some sweet leaf, don’t sleep on this dual show weekend.

Wax are joined by St. John’s locals Yee Grlz, Pillowcount, Dog Food and
Worst Lay on Friday, March 16th at the Peter Easton Pub, followed by a gig with Geinus, Nicer and Swellheads on Saturday, March 17th at Bar None.

Full show details are available here.


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