SE@HPX2016 Preview: Mike Roy’s Selections

hpx20162Halifax Pop Explosion 2016 runs from tonight, Wednesday, October 19th, to Saturday, October 22nd at various venues throughout the city. You can access the full schedule of events here.

To help highlight some of the exciting and interesting acts that may not get the same level of hype as the headliners, Mike Roy has compiled a short rundown of some personal selections to look out for while navigating your busy HPX2016 agenda.

1phernPHERN (Montreal, QC)

Sludge rockers PHERN first came on my radar with the release of Excavator in early 2015. Their sound is meticulously messy, and it’s no surprise with talents of Ben Lalonde, Christian Simmons and Hélène Barbier (whose other project, Moss Lime will also be at the festival). Look for their new plexi-single I Sold The House/Pause Clope when they play at Art Bar with She-Devils, LAPS and Programm on Wednesday, October 19th.



“Moving Boxes”

1megabogMEGA BOG (Seattle, WA, USA)

Of all the bands performing at HPX 2016, Mega Bog is the biggest question mark for me due to their geographical distance and my own lack of knowledge of US independent music. I do know that originator Erin Birgy has collaborated with over 50+ band members/performers since launching the project in 2008. Latest release Gone Banana features beautiful sax instrumentals layered on jazzy percussions, so I’m excited to sip a G&T for a wonderfully laidback show with Old and Weird, The Painters and Soft Spot at Art Bar +Projects on Thursday, October 20th. You can also catch them kicking off the festival with Nap Eyes and Freelove Fenner at The Marquee/Seahorse Tavern on Wednesday, October 19th.



“Year of Patience”

1notyouNOT YOU (Halifax, NS)

Releasing their debut single this past summer, Not You features some of the finest musicians around in the Halifax independent community. “Slippergaze” rockers Nancy Ulrich, Rebecca Young, Meg Yoshida and Stephanie Johns bring back that ‘90s sound right, and their set promises to deliver on the bubbling potential of “haha”. Check them out at The Marquee/Seahorse Tavern with Crossed Wires, The Yips and White Lung on Thursday, October 20th.



1petraPETRA GLYNT (Montreal, QC)

Petra Glynt was among my favourite artists who performed at SappyFest XI this past summer, so I am excited that I get the opportunity to see the electronic wizard perform once again. With soaring vocals and synth-heavy magic, Glynt’s performances are as mesmerizing as they are engaging. Her interactive website will give you an idea of what’s in store when she takes the stage with Hannah Georgas at The Carleton on Friday, October 21st.



“Sour Paradise”

1cactusflowerCACTUS FLOWER (Halifax, NS)

Jess Lewis has been a crucial player in the local music community for years, performing in groups like The K-Tels, The Pinecones, Dark for Dark and new project, Fake Buildings. She carefully constructs beautiful folk narratives with ease in Cactus Flower, most recently on 2015’s Magic Hour. Catch her performing with Laura Sauvage, The Highest Order and The Barr Brothers at The Marquee/Seahorse Tavern on Saturday, October 22nd.


“Darkest Hour”

“Lady in Red”

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