Listen to the New Lion’s Share Demo Tape

14215392_10157467136875118_463308694_oSt. John’s newest punk trio Lion’s Share had a particularly good summer. They played in an alley way with Toronto’s Protruders during Shed Island, opened for Montréal’s Torment last night for the final Wits End all ages show, and have now capped off the season by dropping their debut demo both digitally and on cassette.

Lion’s Share are an efficacious blend of unrestrained hardcore and riotous punk rock. These six songs come barreling down the pipe like aggressive bundles of frustration, though they’re stitched at the hemline with a thread of catchy chant-along choruses. Each of the three members of Lion’s Share offer a distinct delivery in their shared vocal duties, but the varied approach is cohesive enough to stamp out any hint of punk demo monotony.

Lion’s Share are a St. John’s standout. This demo is worthy of many consecutive listens, and we can only hope that there will be much more where it came from.

If you haven’t already noticed, this tape also features one hell of a gnarly cover design by Nicky Rat.

Lion’s Share on Bandcamp

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