Hard Ticket Premiere Video for “I’m Gross”, Tease New Album

hardticketgrossHard Ticket may claim to be gross, but their new track is undoubtedly fresh.

Though the St. John’s punk pop quartet have been operating most recently as a trio, there has certainly been no loss of musical momentum. Within the last few months, every set I watch Hard Ticket play I walk away saying “that was their best”. Tonight they premiered the new song “I’m Gross” accompanied with an in-studio video by Noah Bender. This video successfully invokes the same glowing sentiment Hard Ticket have left their live audiences with all summer.

Hard Ticket released their debut album Tuff Cookie in March, and only six months later they’re already eager to drop their followup. “I’m Gross” will be on Hard Ticket’s upcoming sophomore album entitled What Odds.

I had a quick midnight chat with guitarist/vocalist Mopey Dyke about the new song, new video, and what to expect from the prolific Hard Ticket in the near future.

What has it been like working on the newest album as a three piece?

This newest album was much like the first, just as fun, just as much commitment. I haven’t been a part of something as caring and creatively supporting as Hard Ticket before. I feel like I’d be lost without our weekly jams where we can truly take a load off and make music we enjoy with best friends. It’s the same just absent a best friend, which always sucks.

Shooting the music video for “I’m Gross” in the same recording session as the album offers a candid insight into Hard Tickets process while simultaneously teasing the upcoming release. Was the video shoot as spontaneous as it feels?

It was pretty spontaneous and all happened so quickly! We recorded during the video so we had only one mic for vocals that Jake held up for us, much like the recording process always feeling lively

How do you think Hard Ticket has changed since the initial songwriting that spawned the Tuff Cookie album?

I think we’ve all become much closer, and more confident. The songwriting process is much the same! We are all growing together so its easy to pump out some jams.

What can you tell us about the forthcoming second album from Hard Ticket now that we’ve got our first taste?

We like to call it our first concept album haha. So lots of treats. If you’ve seen us live, you’ve heard it before, but can’t find that catchy song stuck in your head online anywhere. Well here it is.

Does the upcoming album have a working title yet?

What Odds is the title of the album!

When will folks hear more?

We will be releasing another single in October. Or come to a show!

Hard Ticket have completed two albums in 2016, which is already more than what the average St. John’s band accomplishes in their lifespan. Has there been a longterm goal for Hard Ticket thus far? And where do you folks want to go from here?

The initial goal was two albums every year and here’s the first, so we’re on the right track. But I think where we all want to go from here is to tour! Maybe next summer, who knows, but one things for sure is that is one of the hardest things for a St. John’s based band to do is to tour! Getting off the island alone is absurd. If we really try our hardest I’m sure we can! That’s the dream to meet cool people and see cool things while being as cool as you can.

Stay tuned to the SETV fall schedule for our upcoming live session with Hard Ticket.

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