Watch Gord Downie & The Sadies Cover Fucked Up

As you all should know by now, Canadian resident songwriter, national treasure and unofficial poet laureate Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip is battling terminal brain cancer and tonight, August 20th 2016, marks the finale of their Man Machine Poem tour. This tour and album are being perceived as Gord and The Hips final farewell following the announcement of his illness, and with the CBC set to air the Kingston, Ontario concert country-wide, we’re left to only assume that August 20th may as well be official Gord Downie day.

So while the entire country shares their personal stories and anecdotes of Gord and The Hips importance to their lives and our national identity, we simply wanted to chime in with a dig-up of some appropriately fascinating found footage.

In 2014, Gord Downie released a collaborative album with Toronto’s country steeped rock n’ roll mainstays The Sadies entitled And The Conquering Sun. That same year Gord also made what some would deem an “unlikely” appearance on Fucked Up’s Glass Boys LP cut “The Art of Patrons“.

Though these collaborations were as fascinating as they were stylistically eclectic, live videos of Gord Downie and The Sadies from their 2014 tour surfaced featuring Gord belting his own surprising rendition of Fucked Up’s millennial hardcore staple “Generation”.

As an immaculate representation of Gord Downie’s graceful timelessness, we figured who better to interpret a Canadian punk anthem than the man who penned so many classic Canadian canticles of his own.

Tonight is gonna be heavy.

Happy Gord Day.


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