What is the Secret Subscription Series?

Since issue No. 1 of the Secret Subscription Series has hit the walls of our web shop, we’ve been receiving a whole heap of interest and curiosity as to what these little bundles of joy may contain. But since spoiling the element of surprise wouldn’t be near as much fun, we will continue to keep our lips sealed.

What we can tell you is that the Secret Subscription is your dossier grab bag to Atlantic Canada’s best kept secrets.

Each individual issue will contain a new assortment of exclusive physical and digital Secret East goods. Your subscription may include such things as zines, one-pagers, posters, prints, stickers, pins, patches, cards, codes and/or other oddities.

It’s a new multi-format collection of Secret East content to your mailbox with every issue. Each pack is stamped, sealed and delivered in an inconspicuous document envelope for your eyes only.

Orders for issue No.1 are $10.00 and are available on the web store until December 8th. You will be notified of your shipping date via e-mail in early December.

funbymailIf you’re still weary or uncertain about giving the Secret Subscription a shot, keep in tune with our social media via facebook, instagram and twitter for some sneak peaks over the next coming weeks.

OR you can pre-order your issue now via our Secret Supply Web Shop.

Much thanks for any and all support.

– Secret East

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