Why You Should go to The Mudflowers EP Release Tonight

mudflowers band pic

The Mudflowers, photo by Robin Follett

The Mudflowers are playing at The Levee in St. John’s tonight to celebrate the release of their new self-titled EP, along with The Lurks, and the infamous Jonny and the Cowabungas. This stacked line-up is enough of a reason to go out, even if you have to work on Saturday morning, and this show is particularly special for The Mudflowers; not only are they sharing their newest recordings with us live, but this might be their last show.

Megan McLaughlin (Guitar/Vocals), Nicole Fiander (Bass), Meghan Harnum (Percussion/Vocals), and Melissa Fiander (Keys) are “friends for forevs”, and their groovy power pop EP is the perfect way to kick off your weekend. Check their bandcamp for a sneak peak of their two new singles Bed Wetter and Fallin’ Asleep, both are solid jams so you’re going to want to sing along. The harmonious vocals and lyrics that will give you all the feels, combined with a tight rhythm section and melodic keyboard chords, are what make these tracks a necessity in finding your summer vibe.

mudflowers posterTheir new EP is one of the many reasons why you should come see The Mudflowers tonight, but I know exactly why I’m making sure I’m at The Levee to watch their set.

Since my first time seeing The Mudflowers play live in Turners Tavern at the tender age of 18, they have been a source of musical motivation in a male-dominated music scene. Having only played Trad music with my sister in our living room up until this point, The Mudflowers instilled in me a desire to plug in a get louder. Not only were their poprock riffs the catchiest I had heard since diving headfirst into a masculine clusterfuck of local music, but they made it look effortless and fun. I was hooked.

When I finally fulfilled my dream of learning how to play an electrical instrument with my pals Glen and Walt last year, I had flashbacks of watching The Mudflowers and the confidence and strength they embodied in my memory. Not gonna lie, I might have watched a few Mudflowers videos on youtube to amp me up for my bands first live show. These very talented humans have been playing for almost ten years, and I’m willing to bet that they have inspired many more musicians than me throughout this impressive stretch of time.

So, why should you go see The Mudflowers play their EP release tonight? To show your support for the women in our local scene, to contribute to the continuation of local women rockers, and to get inspired; and lets not forget dancing until your legs hurt. Watching The Mudflowers evolve into the band you’ll be seeing tonight, with the addition of Melissa Fiander on keys, was a pretty defining factor in my musicianship. Don’t miss your chance to catch the infectious sounds of The Mudflowers, you might just find the inspiration you were looking for!

The Mudflowers on facebook
The Mudflowers on bandcamp
and check out the event here.

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