Countdown to Shed Island: Catchin’ Up With Kurt Inder

11026754_647029832092096_1002414603_nIt’s been six months since we last had a chat with the proprietor of honesty pop Kurt Inder, as he was hot on the heels of his first full length bits n’ pisses. In our conversation, Inder was on the brink of wrapping up his schooling in Stephenville, NL, and preparing to relocate to Halifax where he was premeditating a live vehicle for his home recordings that had began making their rounds, and catching all sorts of ears along their travels.

Now in a new province with some live shows and a second full length under his belt (soft things is available here for $2), Inder is enroute back to the mudderland to play his material for the first time in St. John’s at Shed Island 2. Inder will join Montreal’s Country, along with locals Jonny & The Cowabungas and George Nervous at the Republic on Friday, August 14th.

We wanted to catch up with Kurt Inder to hammer out some updates on where the last half-a-year has taken him, and how it feels coming back to Newfoundland as an expat touring act.

Since we last talked to you in February you’ve made the move from Stephenville to Halifax. How’s the new city, are you all settled in?

The move was hectic. I stayed in Moncton for a bit to hang with my mom and look for work, but nobody would hire me. Then one random weekend, I just packed a few things and moved to Halifax where I lived in Pete’s living room for a month. We are all settled into our new place now. I’m working. All is good. Halifax has been cool so far.

As you anticipated in our conversation six months ago, your material has found a new live incarnation assembled since your move. How did the new lineup come together?

Me and Pete played a couple shows with a drum machine, and one of those was opening for Harley (Alexander) and his band. We met Adam (Gravelle) at that show, who plays bass for Harley, and we eventually asked him to play guitar. Great guy. Adam also plays in The Everywheres, which is how we met Bianca (Palmer). I am very lucky to have both of them!

How do you feel the material transitions from your writing and recording process to the live ensemble? What are the major differences?

Some songs work live, and some don’t. I spent a bit of time thinking about what would sound best. The ones we have been practicing sound great, I think. The major differences for the live ensemble are less muffled vocals, and tighter drumming! haha

You just released your second album soft things which was recorded since your relocation to Halifax. Do you feel the transitionary process and your new surroundings have had any influence on this material?

The transition to a new province/city definitely influenced some of the new songs. I think the change of seasons has a bigger impact on me. Summer makes me write about love, winter makes me write about couches. Sunsets are a magical thing. I’m really gonna have to milk these last few enjoyable months for new material…

Will soft things make it to our tapedecks like bits n’ pisses did?

I really hope it does… I think it will. I’ll have to get back to you on that. I’m OK with making copies at home in the meantime. If anybody wants one, inbox me and we’ll figure it out!

shedpublicWith Shed Island being one of the first times much of your home province will get to see all these songs in a live setting, how does it feel coming back to Newfoundland as a touring act?

I’m really excited to be able to play my first festival in Newfoundland. I feel as if I won’t be ridiculously nervous like the past couple shows. It will be very chill. I cant wait to see friends, and just relax for a few days in the city. Thank you to everyone involved with Shed Island, this is gonna be fun! Coming back home as a touring act feels WACK!!!

What’s the post-Shed plan when you head back to Halifax?

We have a fundraiser show at The Bus Stop Theatre here in Halifax on the 21st. That show will be with Harley Alexander and the Universal Lovers, and Scott Nicks! Just a buncha hunks! I cant wait for that, they are all great people. After that, I think we have a couple out-of-town shows, but I’m not super sure on the details as of right now… I’ll probably start recording a new album right away haha

Catch Kurt Inder at Shed Island in St. John’s this Friday the 14th at The Republic with Country, Jonny & The Cowabungas and George Nervous.

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