It’s Official: A Comprehensive First Look at Shed Island 2

shedbannerIt’s official, folks.

The first Shed Island 2 lineup announcement is here, and it’s already shaping up to be the notable summer highlight on any St. John’s showgoer’s calendar.

11327791_10155608895850024_200635367_nThe St. John’s independent music and arts festival dropped the first wave of acts in an announcement this morning for their August 13th-16th dates which will feature Crosss, Kestrels, Best Fiends, Acousma, Crossed Wires, Unreal Thought, Fog Lake, Jonny & The Cowabungas, and many more yet to be announced.

Kieran O’Connell sat down this morning with Shed Island organizers Micah Brown and Glen May to follow up last year’s Origins of Shed Island interview, and to discuss the experience gained from last years festival debut. Micah and Glen outline how they plan to apply the extra preparation to make Shed Island 2 an even bigger and better celebration, while noting their views on proper sponsorship etiquette, their announcement of a crossover collaboration with Leveestock III, and much more.

You can listen to their full conversation here:


“What’s exciting is we’re going at it with the know-how from last year, and we’re going to approach it with all the experience we didn’t have last time around” says co-festrunner Glen May, “In addition to another year on top of that of booking and promoting shows, we’re coming at it with a full years prep as opposed to the two months we went at it [with] last year.”

Shed Island has already previewed the growth they’ve underwent in the last year with six out of town bands stacked onto the summer bill.

Making their way onto the headlining marquee, “Toronto-by-way of Halifax’s” Crosss will be paying a visit to Shed Island hot on the heels of their bellowing full-length album LO which was recently released in digital format, as well as on LP courtesy of the great Telephone Explosion Records.

Crosss shut the lights and get into your head with their doom and gloom psych rock that occupies the groove between dreamy and nightmarish. Their latest release was recorded and mixed by guitarist/vocalist Andy March and the dynamic creates a hypnogogic experience that will be sure to translate into one hell of a live show in their headlining spot at Shed Island 2.

While in an otherworldly head state it’s also key to mention the presence of Toronto’s Kestrels on the SI2 bill, as they return to St. John’s with their method of fuzz pop and shoegaze songscaping.

ICYMI: Secret East caught up with Kestrels during their last visit to St. John’s in 2014 for a live jam in the dwellings of Suvla Estates.

Also announced for this year’s fest was the anticipated second visit from the clatter and howl of Halifax garage dwellers Best Fiends. The band made their first St. John’s appearance at Lawnya Vawnya 2014, and have since debuted a new self-titled cassette which deserves the utmost attention from any fun-thirsty rock n’ roll fan.

The other out-of-towners are most certainly nothing to shake a stick at: PEI’s heavy-hitting hardcore powerhouses Acousma will be playing one of their last shows EVER and toting their new 7″ with their rumbling SI appearance — as well as Halifax darkwave outfit Unreal Thought, and power-pop trio Crossed Wires.

ICYMI: Check out Secret East’s interview with Crossed Wires from last year

On the local side of the shed this year, the Islanders have confirmed the ambient bedroom pop of Fog Lake, and the only Shed Island repeat in form of surf punks Jonny & The Cowabungas.

ICYMI: Check out our interview with Fog Lake from last year.

Watch our handy capture of Jonny & The Cowabungas Shed Island opening from last years fest

But if you’re a local looking to jump on the Shed Island roster, you still might be in luck.

shedislandsubmission“We want to be super inclusionary and give people the chance to send us their stuff if they’re interested” says May,  “We’re looking for local band submissions before the deadline on June 12. If you think it would be fun to play with any of these bands, send us an email at

Stay tuned for more from our coverage of the Shed Island camp as further bands, events, and details unfold.

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