Moyst Brings on ‘Rumblin’ Thunder’ With His Latest Video Single

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Rumblin Thunder (prod. AKOGOLD) is the track for Mount Pearl, Newfoundland based rapper Moyst’s latest video. The track is a percussive exercise in polished hip-hop lyricism. The visuals, courtesy of Mike Simms, distort the eye, playing with colour and adding to the sinister feel of the track. Check the vid below and get the scoop on Moyst as he raps influence and walking the line between hip-hop and punk.

First I was hoping you could tell me a little bit about your relationship with music, and what drew you into hip hop.

Moyst: My infatuation with music started as a child when my dad would jam with old blues records on his Ibanez, and I’d just sit and watch. So eventually he bought me my own and I was heavy into playing, learning and writing strictly guitar driven music for most of my life. It wasn’t until after high school when I started getting into hip hop. Hanging out with Antics while they recorded their second album and playing in a band with them is really what made me wanna give it a try myself, as well as the rise of new artists like Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, and Odd Future, the inspiration was coming from everywhere. And once I figured I was kinda good at it I started diving deeper into hip hop and it became my main hobby.

moyst2 I noticed that this track clocks in just under the two-minute mark, which is definitely more of a typical length for a punk song. Was it a conscious decision to have a shorter track?

Moyst: Most definitely a conscious decision. When Brendan Redmond (AKOGOLD) came to my house with that beat I was immediately stoked on how raw and how short it was. Like a heavy ass hardcore song. And I try to channel as many punk and metal aspects into my music as possible, where possible, such as the aggression and the whole ‘fuck you’ attitude. And of course the song length. And for me this song came out perfect. Heavy instrumental + some braggadocious lyrics… in and out under 2 minutes,  giddy up – good to go.

There are a lot of references to Newfoundland in your rhymes, is the notion of cultural and geographical place important to your writing method?

Moyst: I always try to come up with some clever lines about Newfoundland or something going on around here when writing. It’s a good way to rep my home in my music, as well as poke some fun at it. So it definitely plays a huge part in my writing method. Whenever I hear some whacked out name for some random place around here, cause there are so many, I’m immediately trying to work it into some rhyme scheme.

You worked with Mike Simms to make this video happen. Did you have a specific idea going into this project or did it come together off the cuff?

Moyst: It was kinda off the cuff. When i had the song mixed I knew i wanted to have a lil video for it. Simms just happened to have his camera and a couple of trippy lenses he wanted to mess around with at my house one night so I suggested we do some shots with this short new track I had and within an hour or two we had all the shots. Real minimal, to the point, in your face shit with some weird effects. Perfect for the nature of the song.

Rumblin Thunder will be featured on the next REGGIEGOLD (Mike Moyst & AKOGold) mixtape titled Goldberg dropping late June. You can check Moyst’s bandcamp here.

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