Stereophonic XII: Through The Lens of Philip Mercier

Stereophonic XII –  Sackville, NB – January 22-24, 2015

Stereophonic Music Festival is campus / community radio station CHMA 106.9 FM‘s annual fundraiser. Taking place in the isolated university town of Sackville, New Brunswick, the festival brings acts from across Atlantic Canada and afar out of hibernation for three days of winter bliss. Now in their twelfth year of causing a ruckus, people came out in droves to partake in the winter’s best party.

Armed with a Pentax 67, a flash, and a bag full of expired B&W film, I tried to capture a little bit of the magic of this wonderful thing that is Stereophonic.

PM 01Festival Coordinator Ilse Kramer brings ice down to George’s Roadhouse.

PM 02Adam Mowery, a stereophonic veteran, goes unplugged at Bridge Street Cafe.

PM 03Sackville’s newest super group, Old Bones, opens the evening at Thunder & Lightning bowling alley.

PM 04The festival’s team of dedicated volunteers helped the weekend run smoothly. Paddy    Thompson slinging some merch.

PM 05Montreal’s Painful Shivers.

PM 06Bry Webb keeps the crowd in a trance to close out  Thursday night’s show, presented by Sappyfest.

PM 07A crowd gathers for one of the weekends pop up shows.

PM 08Lucy Niles & Josee Caron of Partner share songs and stories.

PM 09The historic Vogue Cinema hosted a show on Friday.

PM 10Klarka Weinwurm serandes the audience at the Vogue.

PM 11Joe, Paddy, Brendan, and Jon on a smoke break on Bridge Street.

PM 12Jon Mckeil plays to a packed crowd at Georges Roadhouse.

PM 13Coach Longlegs whipped the crowd into a frenzy to close out Friday night.

PM 14Snow falls on a packed Struts Gallery.

PM 15 Zakary Slax testifying.

PM 16The Crowd packs the Legion for the final sets of the weekend.

PM 17BEST FIENDS warming up a full house at the Legion.

PM 18It’s not Stereophonic without snow cancellations. Nap Eyes stepped up and played a  great set.

PM 19A shuffleboard break between sets.

PM 20Astral Gunk closes the festival with an insane set.

PM 21The crowd got a little wild during Astral Gunk.

PM 22Co-­‐festival coordinators Scott Brown & Ilse Kramer triumphant after a successful year.

Phil Mercier is a photographer and filmmaker currently living in Sackville, New Brunswick. More of his work can be seen here and here.

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