Sackville Warms Up With Stereophonic XII (January 22-24)

Stereophonic 12Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 – Saturday 24th, 2015

Tonight Sackville, New Brunswick sees the unrolling of the runner-rug from the doors of CHMA FM; leading into another weekend of wild celebratory festivities for the 12th installment of Stereophonic.

Stereophonic is the annual fundraising event for CHMA 106.9FM, a substantial outlet and pillar for Sackville that helps hold the town as the hub of all things cool in our Atlantic neck of the Canadian woods.

CHMA offers a lot to the community. Whether it’s postering, sound equipment, good times, or friendly faces.” says Scott Brown who, along with Ilse Kramer, acts as this year’s co-director. “We try to be there for the community when they need us.”

Stereophonic is an annual party for CHMA.” Brown continues, “ It’s a festival that brings in funds to help provide the services that the station offers, but also brings friends new and old to town every January.”

Sackville is no stranger to lively galas and gatherings as they house one of the most talked about summer flings in Canadian indie music — SappyFest. But what Stereophonic and Sappy differ in size, they equal in heart.

We asked Brown what he feels the biggest difference is  between both notable Sackville celebrations.

“Snow mostly.” Brown replied,  “Similar vibes, familiar faces, even some of the same bands. We’re much smaller, that’s for sure. But the same feeling of community is there.”

So, pay no mind to what that forecast may hold:

Wipe those winter blues off your boots at the door, and warm up with three consecutive days of live music starting at 7PM this evening with an all-ages show at the Bridge St. Café, featuring performances from Adam Mowery & Corey Isenor. Following at 10PM is a stacked, SappyFest presents event at Thunder & Lightning (19+) with the likes of Bry Webb, Old Bones and Painful Shivers.

The good times continue to roll into the weekend with Friday’s early evening at Vogue Cinema (all-ages) with The Legendary Golden River Show Band, Klarka Weinwurm and Zachary Lucky, followed by a 10PM engagement at George’s Roadhouse (19+) featuring Coach Longlegs, Jon Mckiel and Kavorkas.

Stereophonic 12 closes out on Saturday with a 7PM Struts Gallery gig (all-ages) with Zachary Slax, Old And Weird, and Union Suit, and a 10PM fest-cap with the homecoming of gunk rock heroes Astral Gunk, and a perfect Halifax trifecta of Monomyth, Heaven For Real and Best Fiends (who still remain Sackvillans at heart).

You can view the comprehensive schedule below:


So, those who whine about weather and curse these hard Atlantic winters with “no reason to leave the house” should take a good look at Sackville this weekend and guide their foot to mouth as Stereophonic 12 kicks off a three day splendor of motive that’s worthy of any and all winter road trips.

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