Labels, Tour and Toutons: Solids Return to St. John’s


This weekend Montreal two-piece Solids are paying a routine visit to their Fog Friends with a Saturday night show in St. John’s. Xavier Germain Poitras and Louis Guillemette have toured here twice before but some things have changed since their last stop on the island. I caught up with Xavier and Louis at Halifax Pop Explosion to find out about what’s been going on with the band.

Solids released their most recent album Blame Confusion in November 2013. It was available for purchase on their Bandcamp page until something strange happened — it disappeared overnight. What fans soon found out was that the album had been picked up by Fat Possum Records (US) and Dine Alone Records (CAN) and was slated for re-release.

“Our manager sent the LP to a couple of people and someone at the agency called Fat Possum and she was like ‘You should release that’. They were just really stoked,” says Guillemette.

“People were asking us ‘You took it off bandcamp?’ and we were just like “We’re annoucning something in the future just not right now,” continued Poitras.

Between working and playing music, it’s always a balancing act for the musicians. But with the success of Blame Confusion, Louis and Xavier were able to leave their day-jobs behind to pursue their musical careers full-time.

“We ended up re-releasing the record in February and then we toured North America for two months, and then Europe and now we’re doing the East Coast again so we’re just constantly playing shows — it’s really cool though,” says Guillemette.

Solids @ Gus' Pub, October 22nd 2014. Photo by Gabrielle Gallant

Solids @ Gus’ Pub for HPX 2014. Photo by Gabrielle Gallant

So what’s next for Solids? Well, for starters, this Saturday they’ll be playing at The Republic in St. John’s.

“St. John’s is the best. Dude, I just love it.” Says Guillemette, “I just love it. Toutons everyday please.”

Before they return home to Montreal for some R&R (resting and recording) this stacked show ought to be a great one — an exclamation point on the end of their tour.

“Yeah, we’re going to record in spring or late winter maybe. We want to record as soon as we get home. It’s harder to travel in the winter anyway,” says Poitras, “I think the next record is only going to be a wider spectrum. It can be like a really, really quiet song or it can be like a doom song, we don’t care.”

“I can’t wait for our next record will be something else because when we were making Blame Confusion, I was working forty hours a week and playing in four different bands.” says Guillemette, “He was working too so we didn’t have that much time to put into the band, to really sit down and make a record as best as we can. Now since both of us aren’t working anymore it’s going to be full-blown Solids, writing and stuff.”

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