Getting the Scoop on St. John’s Nacho Review

Interviewer’s Note: You might note that myself and the subject of this interview are siblings. No, I am not a representative of a nacho lobby, I am not a corrupt nacho journalist and I am not pushing the big nacho agenda, I just love nachos.



A “Friggin’ majestic” nacho from a recent review of The Ship.


Kieran: Would you mind listing your credentials and describing yourself a little bit?

Lacy: My name is Lacy O’Connell, I’m a broadcast journalist, I work in radio. I have an English degree from Memorial University, a Journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax, and I am extraordinarily silly. Full disclosure- the interviewer is my brother.

Kieran: Why a nacho review blog?

Lacy: This is both the dumbest and best thing in the world. I really like nachos and I kept joking with my friends that I would start a nacho review blog, because it just seemed like the silliest thing in the world. I threw a party recently and I joked about it again, everyone was like ‘okay, you’ve been talking about this for months, when are you gonna do this?’ I said, ‘okay guys, tomorrow we’ll go out for nachos.’ Ten people came out, we had like three tables of people at Bridie Molloy’s, plates and plates of nachos, it was ridiculous. That’s kinda how it came about, it just started as a joke but then everybody wanted to be a part of it. It is not enormous or anything yet, but it is doing pretty well. I think people just want to be a part of writing silly reviews of stuff.

Kieran: Right. And one thing I was kind of curious about is what kind of rubric are you using to grade these nachos? I want to judge how fair I think it is, and bring it into the light.

Lacy: Hardcore investigative journalism- my nacho rubric. That’s a really good question. We go on things like service, price, presentation- like red and green chips get a higher rating than just yellow corn chips. And of course if it is spicy, what the flavors are and what the cheese is like. And the cheese layering, y’know sometimes you get down to the bottom and there’s like no cheese and no toppings left- so in terms of how the toppings are spread out, that’s part of it too.

Kieran: Well I’m glad to hear that it is not just about the nachos, I’m glad to hear that it is about the whole experience, like to know that the service is included- that’s very interesting. I would have never thought of that. I’ve noticed you’ve had a guest feature, do you have any plans for more guest features?

Lacy:  I’m a journalist, and about half of my journalist friends said they want to review. So, of course they’re all going to get a chance to review, the only rule is if you’re going to review nachos you have to eat with me. So we’ve got a bunch of people lined up, and we are having nachos with the Deputy Premier soon.

Kieran: That’s really good.

Lacy: Yeah, I don’t know when this became a political thing but…


Kieran: Do you think nachos are going to be a talking point in the next election?

Lacy: It started to turn into one on twitter a couple weeks ago. The nacho platform.

Kieran: Other than nachos do you have anything planned for the future? Are there any other specific foods you might judge?

Lacy: I have a friend who is looking into starting a poutine review. And one of our writers is doing a two part series on arena fries, because he was told that arena fries are the best fries anywhere because it is the only cooking oil in Newfoundland that isn’t also used to fry fish- so you get a cleaner chip.

Kieran: You’re doing more than nacho reviews, you’re doing more of the recipe side too.

Lacy: Well we just started doing a video series called Guac-Off. So we have one friend who’s an actor who is a really funny guy on camera, so we got him to make his guacamole recipe which is phenomenal. It’s mostly onions- more onions than avocado in this recipe. So we are going to do that every now and again. It is just a chance for us to play with our video editing skills and just to make a two minute cooking show.

Kieran: Yeah the whole thing kind of seems like an exercise in keeping busy to me.

Lacy: It kind of is. The original concept was that I wanted to work on my own comedy writing and stuff. It turns our that everyone wants to do that kind of thing, everyone wants to write something funny or be involved in a funny video. That’s what social media is, that’s what our whole generation is doing right now. So, people want to be a part of that, people want to make something silly in their off time.


Check out the St. John’s Nacho Review here, and while you’re at it, follow them on twitter @SJNachos

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