St. John’s Steps Into The Festival of New Dance – October 7th-12th, 2014

Window Dance, Photo by Christina Dicks

Window Dance, Photo by Christina Dicks

From today, the 7th of October, until October 12th, 2014, the 24th annual Festival of New Dance will be taking St. John’s for a spin. The festival is playing host to a selection of world-class contemporary dance acts. So, head down to LSPU Hall and pick up your festival passes before it’s too late.

For nearly a quarter of a century, the Festival of New Dance has been attracting audiences from all over Newfoundland to St. John’s for a expo of many styles of dance. For a city and province that can sometimes be described as “starved” for a variety of entertainment, The Festival of New Dance’s is bringing together a diverse repertoire of acts.

“Main stage productions, off-site performances, outdoor pop-ups and window dances, artists drawing dance and musicians accompanying dance, workshops, receptions, professional panels, coffee house chats [and] post show discussions,”

Whether you’re a fan of traditional dance, unusual or abstract dance or not a fan at all, there’s definitely something for everyone so make sure you head out this weekend to experience some of the best dance acts Canada has to offer.

Here are some of the highlights to look forward to, written by Michelle Bush:

Sunrise Welcome Dance
Tuesday, October 7th, 7-8am
At: Signal Hill Provincial Park (alongside the Visitor’s Centre)
Hosted by Corie Harnett

All are welcome!

Corie Harnett is a multi-disciplinary artist and arts educator who is called to spread love, healing and joy through movement, storytelling and play.

Window Dancing
All throughout the festival on the afternoons of October 8th, 9th, 10th
At: Johnny Ruth + Living Planet window, 181 Water Street

Throughout the week emerging dancer Candice Pike will bring impromptu dance to passers-by in these perfect boutique window display cases. A dancer and a musician interact with each other using movement, music, costumes, and props to move forward and backwards in time as they develop surreal interactions inspired by stories told by young people about what they imagine might happen if they met their grandparents as young people.

Boreal Breaths and Steps, Part 2
A walk in The Boreal Poetry Garden with site-specific performance by duo Susanna Hood and Scott Thomson as they perform unconventional and dynamic combinations of dance and trombone inspired by Marlene Creates’ poetry and the surrounding boreal forest.

The Boreal Poetry Garden is an ongoing project that focuses on the six acres of boreal forest where Marlene Creates lives on the outskirts of Portugal Cove. Since 2006, the site has been the platform for in situ multidisciplinary performances to bring attention to and appreciation for the boreal forest ecosystem.

For the Festival of New Dance 2014, the audience will go on a guided walk along the paths, stopping at certain spots to experience site-specific poetry, dance, and music in response to the immediate environment where they are standing.

Closing Party
October 11th, 10 PM
At: The Ship Pub

If you were there last year you know it is not to be missed – choreographers, dancers, technicians, festival staff and audience members all move to DJ Moondog. This year a special encore of Susanna Hood + Scott Thomson will highlight the party!

DJ Moondog can’t help playing an irresistible mixture of rock, soul, disco and r&b from all eras that gets the dancefloor pumpin’. He’s pretty excited to be back after last year’s wicked party, so get ready to sweat! DJ Moondog is one bad dog. ”

Sunrise Dance Ceremony, photo by Christina Dicks

Sunrise Dance Ceremony, photo by Christina Dicks

Check out a more comprehensive schedule on the Festival Of The Dance website.
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