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LA0001-5They’ve been called hyper sonic rock, pop punk and alt rock: London Above is a dual vocal-led, super up beat band formed out of central Newfoundland that started in the winter of 2013.

The band just finished an Atlantic Canadian tour in support of their first release, a six song EP called Creatures. Now back on the rock they plan on gearing up to record again shortly.

“We’re going to start recording a full length album very soon, we’re putting on the finishing touches on the songs that will make it onto the album,” said Greene the bassist. “We’ll start recording in the studio hopefully within a couple weeks.”

The plan is to record drum tracks for the next album in studio, and record all the other instruments themselves to try and speed up the process.

 London Above

“We’ll probably do some sort of tour. We might do it a bit differently this time,” said Parsons the
drummer, while talking about their plans for when the second album is complete. “We might fly to
maybe Ontario or somewhere and kinda take it from there, as opposed to doing Atlantic Canada. Maybe we’ll do both, I can’t really say at this point.”

Three of the members played together in another band called Plain Affair for a short time, but decided if they were going to achieve the sound they wanted they’d need to add another guitarist who also sings. This formed the arrangement of London Above, with Chris Morrison and Elliott Butt playing guitar and singing, Dan Greene on bass and Harry Parsons drumming.

LA-0001The name comes from a British TV series created by Neil Gaiman, called Neverwhere. The series is set in “London Below” which is a magical realm that co-exists with the real world “London Above”.

You can catch London Above on October 10th at MUN’s campus bar, The Breezeway. Or almost anywhere else in downtown St. John’s where live music is played.

Check out London Above on their bandcamp:
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