A Monthly Update


The beta version of Secret East is now a month old, and we couldn’t be happier with the response and support we’ve received thus far.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the outpour from so many great people and so much great talent  – it makes the hard work easier, and the graveyard shifts motivated.

We wanted to extend a gracious thank-you for all the feedback and communication we’ve been engaged with while testing the waters over the last month. In return, we wanted to extend a promise and commitment to continue to do our damnedest to hunt down Atlantic Canada’s best kept secrets.

Trust us folks: it’s all good stress, and we’re having a blast doing it.

Over the next month there will be some big additions to the umbrella that is the Secret East.

We’ve been hard at work with a great team of folks developing sessions and segments that will comprise the upcoming video component – Secret East TV.

Additionally, wheels have been moving fast and forward with the introductory audio content for our podcast channel, which is also set to launch in coming weeks.

SecretEast.ca will be taking on some accommodating changes both in appearance and functionality with a more accessible display and feed – our goal is to present our expanding array of content with efficiency and ease in navigation.

Upon all the additions we take on, we continue to want and require your participation. Your responsiveness has been the dominant factor in our progress, and we continue an aim to enhance our communication with you.

No matter what Atlantic Canadian province you reside, we want you to steer our sails as to what you’d like to see, who you want to hear and how you want experience it.

We continue to be wide open to any and all forms of contribution and are constantly looking to diversify our output. There’s nothing we wont hear you out on or consider, so feel more than comfortable to start a dialogue – it’s what we’re here for.

Whether you want to work with us, or want us to work better for you, send all comments and inqueries to secreteastcontent@gmail.com or rattle our cage through any of our social media outlets.

Talk soon.

Best wishes,
– Secret East

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