Watch: Pervert Week at the Brazil Street Backyard BBQ, August 24 2014

Residents of Brazil Street (St. John’s, NL) didn’t know what they had comin’ to them when the “Party On Da Amazon” Backyard BBQ Bash got underway last Sunday (August 24th, 2014).

The tightly squeezed hill of row houses rumbled with the sounds of seven very diverse acts ranging from Punk Rock and Noise to Psych Rock and Hip-Hop.

Though one neighbor complained they couldn’t hear Wheel of Fortune, no cops were called and the steady marathon of music went off without a hitch.

Check out this video capture of St. John’s noise rock outfit Pervert Week as they rattle and squeal through one of their pummeling numbers in the dimly lit backyard as the evening neared it’s close.

Check out an unmastered preview of Pervert Week’s upcoming debut Tomorrow Never Comes

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