Letter From an Editor pt. 2: Jesse

It’d be easy to regret spending thirty-thousand bucks, a year at Memorial University and two and a half unenthusiastic years at the University of King’s College; but it’d be just as easy to ramble on about all of the great folks and good times that gave me a different sort of education.

My mind often wandered onto anything other than the piles of schoolwork on my plate and I attended class like a dog at the dinner table — just there for the handouts.

When Kieran and I began shooting project ideas back and forth in August 2013, I was already disillusioned with school and ready to give up on my already failing GPA.

Eventually my mind was made up and I was no longer going to enrol in my studies.

Then the day came while slacking off from my door-to-door sales job that I sat near a toxic beach in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and began texting Kieran (back in St. John’s) about starting some sort of arts and culture project. Little did I know that these messages would soon develop into something quite tangible.

It began to take form in January 2014 after I had returned to Newfoundland; Kieran introduced me to Kris (K.G.). and we began holding brain-storming sessions in a freezing and dark urban log cabin during the ol’ St. John’s rolling blackouts of 2014.

Slowly the pieces began coming together and before long, our months of hard work became a functioning beta launch on August 6th.

Now, Kieran, Kris. and I are focused on building on what I’d consider a really positive start. Our immediate plans are branching out and giving more coverage to the rest of Atlantic Canada. As our content begins to compile we also plan on reformatting the website to make content easier to browse, and eventually become more active and creative with the multimedia and social media outlets.

Thank you for any support you’ve given us thus far, and if you want to ask a question or talk about contributing, you can email us at secreteastcontent@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.

– Jesse (J.H. Burns)

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